Who is Responsible for Filtering the Content You Share?

Who is responsible for filtering the content you share?

That’s a question I’ve been pondering as I experiment with Google Plus. One of the most popular features of Google Plus is the ability to group contacts into “Circles” and selectively share updates with specific Circles. So, if you want to post family photos, for examples, you could choose to share only with those in your Family Circle (not to be confused with your Family Circus…).

Of course, filtering on Google Plus also works on the reading end. After I’ve grouped my contacts into Circles, I can filter my stream to show only the updates of particular circles. I’ve created Circles to show recent updates from Charlotte marketing consultants, for example.

So back to the question: Who is responsible for filtering the content you share?

If I post an article about PR and blogger relations, for example, am I obligated to target that update only to people I’ve added to a “PR Pros” circle? After all, my brother and my neighbor probably don’t care about blogger relations, even if they’re following me on Google Plus (they’re not, by the way). My brother’s and neighbor’s Circles won’t help them avoid my PR links.

As a content creator and content curator, do you believe you have a duty to target your sharing to specific niches so as to not annoy friends and contacts who don’t care for some of your specific content interests?

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