Do Teaser Campaigns Work?

Are teaser campaigns dying?

Mitch Joel of Six Pixels makes a compelling argument about the death of teaser campaigns. But I disagree. Here’s what I wrote in the comment’s to Mitch’s post:
Snakes on a Cane

I disagree: Teaser campaigns aren’t dead, they’re just not done well.

Apple makes phones and computers. Hardware. Circuits wrapped in plastic. That’s it…the same thing RIM, Samsung and Dell make. The difference is Apple is better at creating an aura of anticipation. In short, they’re more creative marketers (notice I didn’t say “better marketers”…results are measured by sales, not creativity).

The fragmentation of media doesn’t, per se, ruin the possibility of a good teaser campaign. It makes the media landscape more complicated, more difficult to comprehend…and larger. If anything, that would increase the fertile ground where seeds of a teaser campaign could be planted.

Teaser campaigns aren’t always easy, effective or appropriate, and they’re rarely done well. But that doesn’t mean they’re dead or dying.

What do you think? Is the increasingly fragmented media landscape killing teaser campaigns? Are Apple and the new Batman movie anomalies? What examples have you seen of effective teaser campaigns? What makes a good teaser campaign?