Should Your Influence Online Matter to Customer Service?

This is the second of two posts as follow-up to “The Social Media Debate: Live and Ungloved,” presented by Social Media Charlotte. Five of Charlotte’s social media leaders duked it out on two topics:

Are we headed toward a social media bubble?


Should brands factor a person’s online influence into their customer service approach?

In the second debate, Brandon Uttley and Jim Mitchem argued brands SHOULD factor a customer’s “influence” online into their customer service resource allocation. Lisa Hoffmann and Adam Holden-Bache argued brands SHOULD NOT consider “influence” when providing customer service.

As moderator, I was too busy to take notes on the arguments, so I’ve compiled articles about “influence” and its role in customer service via Delicious:

Check out this post for resources about our other debate: Are we headed toward a social media bubble?

Your Take: Influence as a Customer Care Priority?

Do you think “online influence” should influence a brand’s approach to customer service? Should customers with large Twitter followings get priority attention? Is your Klout score the new “squeaky wheel?” Weigh in via the comments.