Facebook “Unlike Page” Button Is a New Challenge for Brands

Facebook very quietly rolled out a change recently that makes it easier for users to “unlike” your Page.

When those who have previously “Liked” your Facebook Page see one of your brand’s posts in their Newsfeed, they can click on the “X” or “Remove” button on that post. The ability to “”Hide this post” has existed for some time, but users not get an option in the drop-down to “Unlike Page.”

Prior to the change, users had to navigate to your Page and scroll waaaaaayy down to “unlike” you — a process that befuddled many users.

The marketing news site Clickz reported on the change and it’s implications yesterday:

The change makes Facebook wall posts behave a little bit more like e-mail, while raising the stakes on creating high-level message relevancy so audience members don’t opt out.

High quality, relevant content has always been a core element of successful Facebook Pages. Now you’ll have to be even more in tune with what content your audience wants and needs, what formats they want it in (video, text, links, etc.), and when they want it (days, times, frequency).

Facebook Page Resources

Here are several resources to help you create and share content that’s relevant to your audience on your Facebook Page: