The Panthers Purrsuit is On — A Social Media Challenge!

"Like" the Allen Tate page to earn 3 Purrsuit PointsEditor’s Note: The 2011 Panthers Purrsuit is Saturday, October 29. The information below is about the 2010 event. Click here for more information about the 2011 Panthers Purrsuit.

Save the Date: The Panthers Purrsuit is Saturday, October 23.

The Panthers Purrsuit, presented by the Allen Tate Company, is a citywide social media competition. Think scavenger hunt, road rally, riddle and social media all in one.

Start by signing up for The Panthers Purrsuit. You’ll receive your first clue — a Purrsuit Riddle — via email. Earn 3 Purrsuit Points by solving the riddle and completing the challenge.

(Full disclosure: I am compensated by the Carolina Panthers for producing this event.)

Follow the Clues

On Oct. 23, you’ll follow navigational clues from Bank of America Stadium to check-in spots throughout Charlotte. Clues might be simple (Drive 1.3 miles, turn left, continue for 0.7 miles, turn right at the light…) or tricky (Navigate to tallest building in Charlotte. Look for a man wearing the national colors of Cameroon.).

Remember, it’s not a race. Your job is to get to each destination safely. You get no points for arriving first, or for driving like an idiot.

Sign up for the Panthers PurrsuitCheck In with Location-Based Mobile Apps

Once you arrive at your destination, check in on location-based apps like Foursquare and Gowalla to earn Purrsuit Points.

Check the “Tips” and “To-Do” areas, too…you might find bonus Purrsuit Points or other valuable info.

Complete Social Media Challenges

After checking in, you’ll have a chance to earn more Purrsuit Points by completing “social media challenges.” Again, challenges will range from the simple (Tweet a photo of you and the business owner) to the silly (ex., Convince a stranger to sing “Afternoon Delight” and upload the video to YouTube).

You’ll have multiple opportunities to earn Purrsuit Points at each check-in destination. What’s your strategy? Try every challenge? Pick and choose based on how many Purrsuit Points are up for grabs? Spend all day at one stop or visit them all? It’s up to you!

Rack Up Purrsuit Points, Earn Prizes

Rack up points, discover local businesses, meet new people, and have fun — and maybe even earn a prize or two. The grand prize is a trip for two to see the Carolina Panthers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. We’ve got tons of other great prizes up for grabs, too. There’s even a special prize pack for supporting non-profits in our community during the Purrsuit.

Rally to the Finish Line

The ultimate fun happens at the finish line. We’ve picked a secret location in Uptown Charlotte for a TweetUp after party. We’ll tally the scores, award prizes, and celebrate the event with a party. It’s a great venue, and you’ll get to reconnect with some of the people (sponsors and contestants!) you met throughout the Purrsuit.

Purrsuit Hint: We’ve built a unique challenge at the finish line, so plan on rallying there, even if you’re still Purrsuing. You’ll need to work together with other teams to complete the final challenge.

Two Amazing Sponsors

The Panthers Purrsuit wouldn’t be possible without The Carolina Panthers and the Allen Tate Company, the #1 real estate company in the Carolinas. Dozens of other sponsors support the Purrsuit, too, and you’ll meet them throughout the event. Be sure to thank our sponsors and get to know their people — show ‘em what the social part of social media’s all about!