Blogging is like…Jazz

Improvisation is the native tongue of jazz. You can hear it in the low, smoky wail of a Miles Davis trumpet or the silhouetted riffs of John Coletrane’s sax, in the throaty call-and-answer of Louis Armstrong or the seductive staccato of McCoy Tyner’s piano.

There’s no script for jazz. You gotta be in it. You’ve gotta immerse yourself in the moment, in that doo-doo-wa-doo, ba-da-ba-she-zay-zay, scratch, scratch, scratch, shhhhh…

That’s the way it is with blogging, too. You could be writing about feedback from your customer survey (daht-daht-dah-wheeooo…) when a Google Alert tips you off to a new review of your product on Amazon by one of your customers (ska-da-da-dilady-lay…). Vamping, you include a link to the review in your post (zibbidy-zoo-doo-wah…). Other customers join the conversation, adding their thoughts in the comments section of your blog. In the end, you’ve created an adaptive story that’s a one-of-a-kind.

As in jazz, the best blogs aren’t solos — they’re ensemble pieces. The blogger sets the tone – he’s the thrum, thrum, thrum of the bass – and the community breathes the post to life. The best blogs are as unpredictable as a Thelonious Monk jam session at Minton’s Playhouse. They’re dynamic, vervy, splashy and alive.

How is your blog using improv to jazz it up?

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